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Virtual reality is simple. If you have the right tools. Our mission is to provide these tools. Orah is a pioneer in 360 video production solutions and an expert in live VR. Since 2012 we aim to offer the best and most simple solutions for professional VR and 360 video creation. Because we believe that every content creator should be able to easily produce high-quality VR content and stream it to a wide audience. Whether you are looking for a new 360 camera or a stitching software, a solution to capture, live stream or post-produce your 360 content – we have the right product!

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Our VR solutions

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    Say goodbye to complicated production. Orah 4i is the first all-in-one VR / 360 camera, and the only one you will ever need. With four lenses, built-in microphones and integrated live stitching software, Orah 4i produces 4K VR / 360 content with ambisonic sound at the push of a button.

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  • Icon Live VR


    Be there. Anywhere. Live. Our software Vahana VR makes it possible. By stitching the output of several cameras in real-time it enables a live preview and livestream of any content in virtual reality. Vahana VR supports all mainstream camera rigs.

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    Stitch and edit your various output streams in a simple and time efficient manner. Our post-production software VideoStitch Studio synchronizes your various video and audio inputs and lets you have a preview of your work’s outcome at any time.

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    Regarding live VR in journalism, it is immensely important for journalists to be able to show the whole picture. With a readily deployable 4K 360 camera like the Orah 4i, we have the opportunity to bring viewers to the story, right when it happens. Viewers can get a full sense of how the story unfolds, and our journalists can focus on the content, knowing that we have a dependable and high quality stitch happening in real-time. This is an exciting time for journalism, as we no longer have to bring the story to the viewer, but we can now bring the viewer to the story.

    Ian Denig, 360 Technical Director, Ryot

  • logo youtube
    To make sure all creators can tell awesome stories with virtual reality, we’ve been working with companies across the industry. We’re working with companies like Orah and Two Big Ears to make their software compatible with 360-degree live streams or spatial audio on YouTube and more will be available soon.

    Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer, YouTube

  • logo intel
    Intel was excited to work with Orah to broadcast a live event in 4K using Orah 4i camera attached to a drone. This live 4K video stream was made possible with Orah’s 4i camera which is designed for capturing and streaming 360 content in 4K and bringing live content to viewers everywhere, creating amazing high quality immersive experiences that have never been possible before.

    Margaret Burgraff, VP and GM, Software and Services Group of Intel Corporation



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