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Orah is a leader in virtual reality solutions. Founded in 2012 under the name VideoStitch the company quickly established itself as a major provider of high quality live and post-production 360° video creation software. With Orah 4i it entered the hardware market in 2016, offering the first all-in-one 4K camera designed for VR live streaming. Orah thus provides a solution for every scenario in VR video production on the market to date. Its customer base ranges from small production houses to Fortune 500 companies in over 62 countries, primarily from the entertainment and media industry. Originally founded in Paris, Orah is now headquartered in California.


Learn more about our solutions:

VideoStitch Studio for 360 video post-production

Vahana VR for 360 live stitching and live streaming

Orah 4i all-in-one live VR camera

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