Mobile and Embedded stitching

Custom / embedded 360, VR video stitching solutions

Are you a hardware manufacturer, integrator, agency, university interested in a custom VR / 360 stitching for your projects? We have the perfect solutions for you.

Orah has many years of experience working across various industries, customizing 360 live and post processing video stitching solutions that fits the specific needs of each of these industries. We have worked with companies such as camera hardware manufacturers, defense integrators, educational providers and aeronautical integrators to customize a solution that works efficiently with the available computational power.

We have customized applications that involve running on a mobile GPU to large military grade computers with complex graphics layered over the 360 / VR video view. Besides providing you with the video processing pipeline we can also consult on the best possible options for the whole workflow of your project from capture to storage, distribution and playback.

Qualcomm Orah Snapdragon VR 360
Qualcomm Orah Snapdragon VR 360

Our software stack / solutions can be customized to run live on high powered Nvidia GPU cards like 1080 / Titan to low powered Nvidia Tegra, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 environments depending on the desired resolution(2K, 4K, 8K, 16K, 24K), framerate (30fps, 60fps) and number of video inputs. We also invite companies that are interested to license our software stack to build their own applications on top.

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