360 timelapse “In the Air !”

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We are pleased to present a challenging 360 project at the Whitney Museum in NYC, where VideoStitch has been the key software for the post-processing.

TJ Wilcox: In The Air

This exhibition consist of a large 360 room, where content are projected with 10 video projectors. This exhibition ‘In The Air’ has been made by the artist T.J. Wilcox.

The image has been made with GoPro Hero 3, in timelapse mode. Images were taken every second for 17 hours. The result consisted of 330,000 jpeg images to be stitched together.

This project has been done with VideoStitch, the only stitching engine capable of such complex situations :

The stitching process happened in VideoStitch, and used the exposure and white balance adjustment via the timeline. A great deal of adjustments had to be made manually, due to the nature of the automatic exposure and white balance of the cameras. The output was an image sequence, which then got converted to a quicktime movie (apple prores), and finally cropped and integrated into the final 35 min art installation, featuring six distinct stories about NYC history.

The automatic exposure and color compensation, and the editable timeline has been the key feature to make this project possible. It’s mandatory because, when used in timelapse mode, GoPros will adjust exposure and white balance frequently. That’s where VideoStitch automatic exposure compensation and manual override comes handy.

Here is an example of the editable timeline with correction made on the exposure :



To read more about this exhibition, read on this article in the NY times, and read the original article of Joergen Geerds, the founder of Freedom360, who shot and post-processed the video.

TJ Wilcox: In The Air

Images courtesy Joergen Geerds.


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