What’s 360 video ?

Friday, May 30, 2014

360 video puts you at the centre of the action with a natural and engaging viewing experience like you have never experienced before. It lets you interact with the content you’re watching, allowing you to look up and down as well as all around you so that you can explore the full surrounding.

Paramotor 360 video snapshot


Movie icon Media & Entertainment Industry

360 video opens new horizons to the entertainment media production industry. You can be anywhere, anytime. The possibilities are endless. Ever wondered what it is like to be a Formula 1 driver? Ever dreamt of seeing the so Frenchy “Tour Eiffel”? Now you can live the experience!

Streaming / Broadcasting icon Live Event Broadcasting

Front row or backstage, 360 video takes you there and NOW! Follow that music festival, that sports event, or talk show you can’t attend in real time, all with the freedom to look in any direction from incredible viewpoints! Learn more about Live 360 video and Live VR

Projector icon Dome Projection

360 video enables panoramic live action recording for full dome theatre productions. Be ready for a new generation of immersive movies that work equally well in immersive theatres and as interactive applications!

Teleconference icon Situational Awareness  & Telepresence

By delivering a field of view that exceeds human vision, 360 video enables innovative situational awareness and telepresence applications.




360 video recording

1.) 360 camera systems record the full 360 x 180 degree field of view…


Stitching and editing 360 video


2.) 360 camera footage is processed into a spherical video…


360 video viewing devices


3.) Interact with content by literally exploring the 360 video.


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