Changelog for VideoStitch Studio v2.2.0

Monday, November 21, 2016

VideoStitch Studio 2.2.0 introduces rig presets for an easier and better calibration, GTX-10 series support, h265 input codec and Prores codec (both input and output).

    * Rig presets to get more accurate calibration results
    * Support GTX-10 series graphic cards
    * h265 inputs and Prores (input/output) support
    * Audio and motion synchronization redesign (more robust and deterministic)
    * Feathering (= better merging): blend_radius parameter control, masks support and overall improved algorithm
    * Output audio resampler (sample depth and rate)
    * I can update calibration while preserving orientation

Bug fixes
    * "Seek frame"/scrubbing Studio feature is really slow / hangs
    * Crash when low on GPU memory
    * "Lock ratio" and output size accept odd values
    * Extract source images that do not hold the mask
    * Black seems on Multiband merger
    * Video playback breaks at t=1s on GoPro metadatas
    * Automatic and external calibration crash GPU drivers (2GPU)
    * Masks used only on GPU 0 (2GPU)
    * Black stitch preview screen (2GPU)
    * Crash when inporting an unsupported output
    * Output bitrate is ignored
    * Timeline gets huge values for still images
    * Unable to export audio with Studio
    * Video track is cut when exporting with audio
    * Exporting project with audio fails, only part of the video is playing in VLC
    * NTSC input framerate (like 47.952) cannot be processed with audio
    * Output video length is not the one expected and contains black frames
    * Launching twice batchstitcher creates zombie
    * If I drag and drop a video with NTSC framerate to Studio icon, it crashes or does nothing
    * Input does not appear in the output, leaving empty black zones
    * Huge OS X performance regression
    * Activation error pop up is not displayed for wrong license
    * When launching audio syncs on videos without audio, Studio proceeds... and succeed?
    * Crash when you change the output size (out of memory)
    * Studio crashes when opening project with big pano (out of memory)
    * Crash on motion synchronization (out of memory)
    * Using inputs of unusual image dimensions crashes (out of memory)
    * Studio unusable after project initialization fails (out of memory)
    * The warning pop up doesn't appear when the machine is in lack of memory (out of memory)
    * Output image changes size when window dragged to monitor with different dpi, video widget render size (Mac)
    * Import twice a 8K image will make studio freeze (out of memory)
    * Crash of studio when I import a template with a project that has 10 jpg inputs (out of memory)
    * Algorithm curves ignored when exporting sequence not starting at 0
    * Create a new project after the video is played make studio crash
    * Studio output projection is forced to equirectangular when using interactive tab
    * Studio crashes when there is no up-to-date CUDA on Mac
    * Crash when opening small images
    * If I try to open a still image inside a video project, Studio crashes
    * Calibration crash with variable framerate input videos
    * Studio crashes when removing or replacing input if copy audio is set
    * Photometric calibration removes geometric calibration
    * Studio crashes when deactivating "Show input numbers" while playing
    * Stitching aborts with error after libav reader error
    * Calibration crashes when FOV set to 0
    * Edit orientation not working correctly for Hi-DPI displays
    * A missing GPU is detected
    * Drag & drop does nothing on OS X
    * Disable all inputs crashes
    * Backward compatibility issue with PTGui viewpoint correction
    * If the audio codec is not supported, the video cannot be opened
    * Launching calibration immediately after a cancelled calibration crashes
    * No error Message when the user launch a Flash synchronization with one video
    * Can't find the maximum display size and display 4 x 2
    * Photometry calibration on images doesn't work/crashes
    * Timeline can be undocked... and not recovered
    * A video file is created when you cancel the process before the end. 
    * Studio can't be used after an input failure 
    * Remove the video parameters from the process tab when I have only images as inputs
    * The user can use the stabilization widget when he use image in studio
    * Studio crash when the user launch a synchronization with images
    * Can't export a panorama with image on the inputs 
    * Studio crashes when the user open a project when a project is already opened.
    * Studio crashes when you drag and drop a project or a media file while a process is running
    * The stitched size is updated only after you reopen your project
    * Studio memory leak
    * Studio loading bar stuck at 50% if ptv is invalid
    * We set a maximum bitrate for the audio instead of the bitrate 
    * Using images and videos in Studio: display/hide features and algos
    * List of the audio sources is not updated when an input is removed
    * Studio crashes when the user import an unsupported file after a supported file
Known bugs
    * License file can be saved in the wrong directory => fixed in 2.2.1
    * If the ptv contains a special character, the process operation crashes => fixed in 2.2.1
    * Crash when opening an old ptvb with special characters in path => fixed in 2.2.1
    * Frame offset by 1 after seeking, go to previous frame not working => fixed in 2.2.1
    * Jump frame does nothing when using Enter shortcut => fixed in 2.2.1
    * PTgui template geometry ruined when imported in studio after a calibration => fixed in 2.2.1
    * Resetting a task in the batch stitcher does not reset the progress bar to 0 => fixed in 2.2.1

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