Changelog for VideoStitch Vahana VR v1.1.0

Monday, August 1, 2016

In this new Vahana VR release, the external audio pipeline and RTMP output features have been re-written from scratch. Moreover, you will have several new ways of capturing input videos (Magewell Pro acquisition cards and network streams) as well as more output options.  After YouTube live streaming announcement, Vahana VR now provides a simplified workflow.

    I can stream to YouTube using Vahana VR UI
    I can use an external microphone with Vahana VR
    Improved RTMP output with authentication and server reconnection
    Support Magewell Pro acquisition cards
    Support HTC Vive as a preview device
    Support network stream inputs
    Support Decklink interlaced inputs
    Support Decklink card input audio (in SDI and with XLR adapter)
    Support Akamai CDN
    Use time-stamps to synchronize audio and video
    ProRes video compression format support in the HDD output (available with mov container)

    Fit the preview to the screen to improve performances
    I can use an external microphone named with Unicode characters
    I want to choose which GPU Vahana VR is using
    Set accurate default output values (resolution, fps, bitrate mode, key frame, audio configuration...)
    Displayed time, target fps and stitching fps now based on the same clock (the stitcher's target fps)
    "Save to HDD" and "RTMP" UIs redesign
    Acquisition cards in/out UI redesign
    Add the RTMP connection status to the log
    Vahana VR stream user agent is now recognizable
    Vahana VR stability on project open/close
    Crash reporter comments are analyzed
    Support Oculus CV1
Bug Fixes
    Crash when clicking on Snapshot in output tab when audio is enabled and RTMP activated
    Decklink capture doesn't work when the same card model is used twice
    Edit the panorama during a live streaming will break the interface and stop the stream
    The user can change the parameters of an output that is currently used
    Output settings are not updated when you change the input settings
    Using inputs of unusual image dimensions leads to a crash
    Can't reconnect to the RTMP output after a disconnection
    Vahana VR crash when I close a project with an activated output
    Interface is broken when you restart one of your two screens
    Vahana VR crash when you import twice the same template
    When saving to HDD the output is cut at the end
    The user can't record 2 videos consecutively with a different video format
    Downsample/Upsample the RTMP streams breaks it
    The user can delete an output that is currently used
    Vahana VR crash when the user choose the pixel format "BGRU" on an output Decklink
    Crash when you change panorama size
    Unsupported pixel format (like RGB for Magewell Quad inputs) make Vahana VR crash
    Time display is cut when project is open for more than 10h
    Don't create by default RTMP log file as it can fill up the disk (1GB after 16h)
    Changing RTMP output configuration leads to crash
    Changing the output file then saving to disk without reloading the project leads to a crash
    Setting a custom vah.fps results in erroneous framerate
    Changing display mode in Magewell does not update the stitcher's FPS
    Masked pixels shouldn't be used
    Import a PTGui project with crop produces an erroneous FOV
    Opening videos from HDD as inputs doesn't work just after installing Vahana VR
    Inputs used in calibration contains the watermark when no license is activated
    Crash after SDI was disabled or when changing SDI settings
    Vahana VR will crash when you don't update the Oculus Runtime
    If I remove my external microphone, I cannot open my configuration
    Lens type resets to fullframe fisheye after calibration
    Vahana VR crashes if the input SDI signal doesn't match the one specified in the vah file
    The Field of View value set in the crop window is not used
    "Control points" feature is misleading and doesn't bring value
    GOP parameter is not working as expected
Known issues:
    NVidia GTX1080 is not supported -> fixed in v1.1.1
    Decklink Duo2 and Quad2 are not supported -> fixed in v1.1.2
    Memory leak when streaming in CBR mode if the bandwidth is not wide enough -> fixed in v1.1.3
    HDD output files have compression issues when using SDI inputs
    Oculus Rift output instability on disable/close
    Continuous exposure compensation accumulates ev correction errors
    Calibration crashes when the Field of View value is set to 0
    Stitching time negative on stream inputs
    Crash when you close Vahana VR during a calibration or the loading of the inputs
    Cancel update leads to a crash
    If you unplug the screen on which Vahana VR is running, the app layout is broken

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