Changelog for VideoStitch Studio v0.9.1

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Release Notes – VideoStitch Apps – Version v0.9.1

** New Features
* [VSA-217] - First version supporting PTGui masking capability. Only red channel is used.
* [VSA-202] - If the GPU runs out of memory, VideoStitch asks to open the project at a lower resolution.
* [VSA-262] - Add a default button for first-frame / last-frame values.

** Bugs and Improvements
* [VSA-279] - Fix the framerate issue for 24 / 48 fps.
* [VSA-187] - Remove unnecessary warnings.
* [VSA-191] - Footage can now be replace from the GUI in stitch mode
* [VSA-204] - VideoStitch check the output filename is different than the inputs one.
* [VSA-302] - The .pts extension was not removed in the filename when importing a template
* [VSA-303] - Remove sound when some informative windows appeared.
* [VSA-312] - When we didn't have a license, the source might be cropped. 
* [VSA-318] - "This file format is not supported" message is fixed when there is some spaces in the filename.
* [VSA-331] - fps combobox doesn't always apply the fps settings.
* [VSA-243] - Drag and drop calibration no longer keeps the previous project current frame
* [VSA-291] - When replacing a video, check that the selected video has the required size.
* [VSA-305] - Package for linux has been improved.
* [VSA-319] - the maximum bitrate for exporting video was raised from 30 Mbps to 200 Mbps.
* [VSA-326] - Share more code dynamically (libvideostitch.dll).
* [VSA-294] - Replace any invalid input by a procedural one.
* [VSA-277] - Normalize the strings used for the output formats.

Other News