Changelog for VideoStitch Studio v1.0.0

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Release Notes – VideoStitch Apps – Version v1.0.0

** New Feature
* [VSA-387] - Encoding to h264
* [VSA-380] - Add sound sync feature and manual sync
* [VSA-46] - Show the progression over the icon in the taskbar
* [VSA-66] - Look for missing input / change input source folder
* [VSA-92] - Draw input number on top of the panorama
* [VSA-216] - Launch calibration button in Output / Interactive Tab

** Bug and Improvement
* [VSA-188] - Unnecessary warnings when changing projections
* [VSA-203] - Output process video crashes the GUI
* [VSA-218] - Going to interactive/process tab loses the current projection
* [VSA-258] - open project from windows : unknown file format *.ptv when there were a space in the title
* [VSA-295] - User can no longer set last frame values higher than the max input duration
* [VSA-333] - Invalid .mp4 make the application crash
* [VSA-353] - Bitrate tolerance too small for codec
* [VSA-355] - Going to interractive/process tab loses the current projection's FOV
* [VSA-356] - File / New doesn't always remove the former project
* [VSA-385] - Encoding problems on title bar with accent
* [VSA-408] - If the output type is unknown, the gui is crashing
* [VSA-409] - Crash when remove video on the list view
* [VSA-418] - Using space bar to toggle play doesn't update the play/pause button
* [VSA-95] - It's now possible to use VideoStitch with : a CUDA card, and the monitor plugged on another card
* [VSA-174] - Be able to drag and drop folder to VideoStitch
* [VSA-311] - Adapt layout size in source view depending of the number of videos
* [VSA-315] - There are too much carriage return in the process log/process tab
* [VSA-327] - Input disappears when output size is too small

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