Changelog for VideoStitch Studio v2.2.1

Thursday, December 22, 2016

VideoStitch Studio 2.2.1 now comes with an Apple certificate, and fixes some bugs from the previous release.

    * Sign Studio v2.2 as a Mac application
    * Link error messages with custom forms for a better support
Bug fixes
    * If the ptv contains a special character, the process operation crashes
    * Crash when opening an old ptvb with special characters in path
    * Frame offset by 1 after seeking, go to previous frame not working
    * Jump frame does nothing when using Enter shortcut
    * PTgui template geometry ruined when imported in studio after a calibration
    * The calibration of a calibrated camera rig is not preserved when you replace "circular fisheye" by "rectilinear"
    * Project state "unsaved changes" after initial project save
    * Resetting a task in the batch stitcher does not reset the progress bar to 0
    * License file is not generated in the correct directory

Other News