In depth video about fulldome movie with multi-camera

Friday, September 27, 2013

This video has been done by filmmaker and PhD Student Sönke Hahn, in June 2013, around the same time VideoStitch Studio was publicly released.

It caught our attention as Sönke makes an in depth presentation about making a fulldome video using a multi camera system. The video provides information to understand the basics of a multi sensor camera, and some typical problems that arise when filming 360° videos. As there were no dedicated video stitching software at that time, Sönke used PTGui to stitch the videos, which implied a long and complicated workflow.

Just a few months later, thanks to VideoStitch, this process has been greatly simplified, and is much faster as well. Processing can be up to 50 times faster when rendering with VideoStitch Studio compared to PTGui depending on system configurations.

To learn more about the features of VideoStitch, you can visit the features page. It’s not only faster to process – avoiding the need to convert a videos to still image sequence, then the stitched 360 stills back to video. It also offers a live preview that allows to preview all changes made to the stitching template.


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