Meeting in Rouen with Jeremie Terral

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We had many meetings last month, and with the release of the v1 of VideoStitch, we were very busy by all the requests we had. So we were quiet for a month here, but it doesn’t mean we were not working, it’s quite the opposite actually 😉


So the first meeting we did in June was in Rouen, it’s about one hour and a half of Paris. It was at the initiative of our very first customer, who bought VideoStitch long before the public beta : Jérémie Terral. The meeting was also organized by the french panoramic images forum :

The work of Jérémie is to transcript conferences and meetings so people who don’t attend can know what everything has been said. To complete his transcription work, he wanted to show some videos with the sound he’s recording. The 360 video idea comes naturally, as this is the most natural way to record people sitting around a table is to put a camera at the center, and record in every direction.

You can see the website of Jérémie here : Le Scribe Audio, and this is an example of such videos he’s producing ( content is in French ) :

After its presentation, we make a workshop of VideoStitch, with all the new features which came out with the v1. People attending were very happy to see all the opportunity of this new innovative software. The workshop lasts about 2 hours, and

Next topic will be about the IVRPA, where we’ll have many things to speak about 😉


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