New tutorials about VideoStitch

Monday, October 28, 2013

Having a seamless workflow has always been one of our major concern with VideoStitch. 360 videos is often a new media for our customers, so ergonomics, user experience and user guide are very important. This is why we’ve made a comprehensible tutorial about VideoStitch right from the beginning, which you can find at the User Guide page.

But it’s always useful to see how other people use the software, it gives another view about how you can create stunning 360 videos using VideoStitch. So if you’re looking for other tutorial to become a VideoStitch expert, here are two tutorials for you :

Joergen Geerds made a complete tutorial about VideoStitch and PTGui.


Jim Watters has done a screencast to explain how to use VideoStitch with the sphericam. It also covers the calibration with PTGui.

If you would like to see a tutorial about something new, please tell us what you would like and we’ll work on it. Many people ask us about encoding, so we make this article about encoding a 360 video !


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