Orah 4i delivers first 360 4K livestream from a drone during CES

Friday, January 6, 2017

20161214_151740 For the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, Intel and Orah worked together to create a truly unique and immersive Virtual Reality experience: During the opening speech of Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich Orah 4i delivered the first 360 4K livestream from a drone to journalists attending the speech in Las Vegas. The news conference marked the first time 250 people in the same place at the same time independently performed a live industrial inspection using 360-degree, 4K video.

The audience inspected a 2,000-acre solar power plant in the Moapa River Indian Reservation. A drone loaded with an Orah 4i high-definition camera and a low-power, high-latency computing solution gathered the inspection data. “Intel is excited to work with Orah to broadcast this live event in 4K using Orah 4i camera attached to a drone, creating amazing high quality immersive experiences that have never been possible before,” says Margaret Burgraff, VP and GM, Software and Services Group of Intel Corporation about the partnership.

Start the CEO’s keynote at minute 19:30 to learn more and get a glimpse of Orah 4i’s 360 4K livestream from a drone. You can find the full video here.

For more information on Orah 4i visit www.orah.co 

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