Orah 4i is now shipping to Europe

Thursday, March 16, 2017

We’re now shipping our Live VR camera Orah 4i to Europe

EU flag

Yes that’s right, we have big news today: We finally got the necessary CE certification and can start shipping Orah 4i to Europe! As a matter of fact the first cameras are already on their way and will arrive no later than tomorrow.

For us this is a big step at a very exciting time! As we’re expanding our business, we also see the general interest for Live 360 and VR grow immensely. And we’re delighted to see this interest turn into excitement for Orah 4i all around the world. After great partnerships with US companies such as SonyIntel and CNET we’ve also started to cooperate with partners in Europe to live stream amazing events such as the London Fashion Week, the César Awards and the Venice Carnival during the past weeks.

Besides, we also see more and more TV channels embracing the technology and bringing the 360 Live experience to their audience. During the last month alone major European media houses such as Eurosport, BBC and Canal+ have been using Orah 4i for 360 live streaming via YouTube, Facebook or their own app. This is a great development for Live VR and we are very excited to see what’s coming next!


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