Orah 4i Multi-Camera Live VR and More News from NAB

Monday, April 24, 2017

Come and Meet us at NAB 2017 to see the newest Orah 4i features, North Hall, Booth #N1017VR

Orah-web-1It’s NAB again and of course, the Orah team is right in the middle of the action! If you’re in Vegas, come by our booth and check out the newest Orah 4i features for yourself: Multi-Camera Live VR, HDMI Output, Live Horizon Levelling and Ambisonic Sound!

Multi-Camera – A Game Changer for Live VR

It is common practice for producers to build a live broadcast from multiple viewpoints for two simple reasons: To keep the audience captivated and focus their attention where it matters. Nevertheless, Live VR has been mostly single viewpoint until now, as it is technically challenging and costly to produce multi-camera live VR content. We aim to change this by giving producers accessible solutions to build high-quality live VR multi-viewpoint experiences.

‘We want to enable professionals to easily produce amazing Live VR experiences. And multi-camera is a real game changer in this regard’, explains Nicolas Burtey, CEO of Orah. ‘Until now the audience watching 360 live streams has been losing attention quickly when being bound to just one single viewpoint. Multi-cam has the potential to change this and thereby considerably increase the average viewing time of VR live streams. As it offers different perspectives it gives the audience the possibility to really take a dive into a novel and dynamic experience. This will capture their attention much longer than a single 360 view.’DSC00606

In fact just last week, Greenfish, the Philadelphia Phillies and Major League Baseball successfully presented the first of its kind 360 degree Orah 4i multi-camera live stream for the Phillies home-opener at Citizens Bank Park. See the video and read the full article: The Phillies Opening Day – The First Multi-Camera Live VR Experience of its kind.

Besides the multi-cam functionality, we present 3 other major features of the Orah 4i camera at NAB:

Orah-web-8Live Horizon Levelling:
First, Orah 4i now supports live horizon levelling. This new feature enables professionals to live stream with the camera from any positioning, even while moving around, and still have a guaranteed smooth and stable image.

Ambisonic Sound:
Second, we will show a demo of the Orah 4i’s integrated ambisonic sound on our booth. For those who cannot come by to test the demo: Stay tuned, we have an amazing live stream of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra coming up on May 19th which will fully demonstrate the ambisonic sound!

HDMI Output:
Third, we will show you the newly supported HDMI output live on the booth!

Make sure to stop by: North Hall, Booth #N1017VR!


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