Panotools meeting 2013 – Messina

Sunday, August 18, 2013

We are happy to announce that we’ll be present for the Panotools Meeting in Messina, Italy, from the 2 to 4 September.


panorama tools meeting 2013


We use PTGui and Hugin to make the calibration of the 360 camera, so we are proud promoters of the Panorama Tools format and Panorama Tools community !

The panotools meeting was born informally in 2003 after the creation of the panorama tools by the mathematician Helmut Dersch. It has now become a event occurring every year, during the summer, each time in a different city in Europe.

We’ll make a demo of VideoStitch, tool dedicated to the stitch of 360 videos. And this will be an occasion to discuss about everything related to panoramic pictures.

For people attending the conference, we’ll happy to see you there !


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