VideoStitch was at the NAB 2014 Show!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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We were at the NAB 2014 Show, and it was amazing !

The demo we set up

About 1000 people came to try our new project : 360 video live with Oculus Rift ! How does it work ? We’ve made you a small plan to imagine how it is. how360 live video works Let’s explain how easy it works. Videos are firstly captured using a 360 camera. These sequences are then stitched together into a single fully spherical video using VideoStitch technology. The assembly is finally streamed to the Oculus Rift which offers a new way to see around you ! During the NAB, a lot of great comments have been made, some sentences like “Hello myself !”, or “See yourself two feet away from you” make us think that you loved the experience ! A big queue full of people who wanted to try 360 video live took place in front of our stand, and we thank you for that :)

Photos !

You can see the photos from the NAB in this article : IMG_2172 Our booth at NAB Show. IMG_2179 A user testing 360 live with Oculus Rift. IMG_2189 The VideoStitch team at the NAB Show ! photo 1 The screen and the computer which permits to stream 360 live video. photo 3 Another user testing 360 live with Oculus Rift, we can see what he saw on the screen. IMG_4649 Romain explaining some stuff to people . IMG_4650 The 360 camera. IMG_4651 Experience 360 live with Oculus Rift cards.

Next events to get immersed ?

You couldn’t be at NAB Show ? Don’t worry ! We will be also at the IVRPA in Las Vegas from 26th to 30th May, and if you want to experience 360 live, you can meet us at Futur en Seine in Paris from 12th to 15th June !

Interview from MacVoices !

To finish, here is an interview from MacVoices about our 360 live video at the NAB Show, thanks to them !

Video : Experience 360 live with Oculus Rift !

We’ve made a compilation of people testing 360 live with Oculus Rift, and it’s quite funny ! Check it !


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