Sziget360 is moving to 360 video !

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sziget is a one of the most popular festival in Europe. It takes place in an iceland, in Budapest, during the summer. This is also one of the most 360 covered festival in the world : since ten years now, a group of panoramic photographer are making 360 pictures of famous and less famous band, but also lots of backstage pictures.

All the image are shown interactively on the sziget360 website.

Among all the 360 photographer, there is Aldo Holbein I’ve met at each the panorama tools I went.

This is some of the 360 pictures examples of the festival, which is happening right now :

Now, and like many other people in the 360 industry, the group is moving to the 360 video.

The festival finish tomorrow, and we’ll see many 360 videos soon.

Why is this group of 360 addict interested by panoramic video ? First, compared to 360 still pictures, it had the movement. Let’s just have a look to the result here :


Now you’ll see all the interactivity we can have with this kind of videos. And we see this new type of media more and more. Until now, making 360 video has been challenging, because we need to use expensive camera like a Ladybug 3, and a computer was needed to record the footage. Here, the camera is based on GoPro, and the rig used is the Freedom360.

Using GoPro means it doesn’t require any computer to record the video. When you see the image produced by those panoramic expert, whereas it’s needed to be in the right place at the right moment, you understand why relying on a computer to record the video can be difficult !

But having GoPro footage means it’s needed to have a dedicated tool to stitch the videos in post-processing. And this is precisely the goal of VideoStitch : provide a fast tool to make panoramic video, with high end quality. The 360 sziget team is a happy user of VideoStitch, and we are proud to support !

For information, the publishing tool used is krpano. To get started with krpano, you can download the video template here :

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