VideoStitch Vahana VR 1.0 released

Friday, May 29, 2015


VideoStitch Vahana VR v1.0 is finally released! It is available on our download page as VideoStitch Vahana VR v1 here.

Here’s an overview of the major new features:

Crop your video inputs inside Vahana VR

No need to use a 3rd party software! Just choose your lens type, and crop your input accordingly.


Audio input with mp3 and AAC codecs

Vahana VR includes an input audio converter, to support most audio sample formats. If you are using GoPros for instance, you can just plug them to your acquisition cards and it works out of the box for both mp3 and AAC codecs.

Easy configuration of your audio output

VideoStitch Vahana VR output audio UI was redesigned to help you pick the output config you need. If you don’t know much about bitrate and codecs, you can just keep the initial configuration. Else, you can now pick the audio bitrate you want, the audio codec, and the sample format best adapted to your needs.


Advanced encoding options


Vahana VR now supports h264 codec command line options, for advanced users. We also support AAC audio codec.


So wait no longer… head to our download page and try out the latest VideoStitch Vahana VR release.


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