Studio executives use Vahana VR to monitor production in Virtual Reality

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 18, 2015. University of Southern California short film, The Suitcase, which attracted notable partners like Disney, Amazon, Universal, Google, Sony, HBO, and Equinix used Vahana VR to live stream the progress on set so that executives could monitor the action behind the scenes.

Vahana VR live preview for directors

This three-hour Virtual Reality live stream – provided through a partnership between Wemersive and VideoStitch – had the unintended consequences of peaking executives’ interest, resulting in several unscheduled on-set visits.

Vahana USC 2

Vahana USC 3

The Vahana VR real-time 4K stitch was sent to the Wemersive live stream through the RMTP feature of the software. The feed remained steady at 30 frames per second for the entire three hours. Studio executives were given Google cardboards and GearVRs by the production team and only had to click a link on the phone to start watching the live stream.

Vahana VR live preview at USC set

The Virtual Reality rig was positioned by the entrance of the main set in order to capture the activity backstage as well as giving a peak onto the scene being shot. Actors and crew members quickly became accustomed to the presence of the rig soon after the initial set up. After the production ended, the live stream had gathered so much interest that Wemersive was asked by some of the studios to provide a looped version of the feed for several weeks so that other executives who did not get a chance to view it live could see how it worked.


The Suitcase, shot at Los Angeles International Airport, was directed by Abi Damaris Corbin. Corbin is a USC student and up and coming force in Hollywood that is currently co-directing Actor’s Anonymous, a feature film staring James Franco and Rabbit Bandini.   Behind the scenes Virtual Reality footage from The Suitcase will be featured at the Google booth at the 2016 SXSW Interactive Festival, as well as NAB and HPA.

Vahana USC 5



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