VahanaVR v1.2.0 now available

Monday, November 13, 2017



We are keen to share with you Vahana VR v1.2 Release Candidate. It is recommend that you update your VahanaVR installation.

Download VahanaVR v1.2

vahana vr

This version solves many bugs reported on the previous release. Please report any issue that you may encounter. A final release, and more updates will follow.


Read on for the full list of changes, improvements and bug fixes.


* Orientation grid which displays when adjusting orientation is no longer visible in the outputs. The center of the panorama is more easily identifiable with the new grid.

* Panorama size configuration has been updated to notify you of incompatibilities between your encoder settings and the panorama size.


* Calibration workflow has been updated :

* * FOV is autodetected if you are unsure which value is appropriate.

* * Rig presets are similar to templates in that they describe the camera array geometry, but are also meant to improve the overall workflow.

* * If you would like to create your own rig presets, please contact us with a description of the rig you are using.

* * Redesigned crop UI. Now you can fine tune crop without breaking the geometric calibration. On rig with large overlap, this gives you more flexibility to include or exclude part of an input.


* Bugs related to dongle management and notifications have been fixed. License management has been improved to provide more efficient support and licensing options.

* Fix crash when operating system wakes from sleep/hibernation mode.

* Double click on a *.vah configuration to open it directly in Vahana VR.

* Vahana VR has been rebranded to Orah’s colors.


AJA IO related changes

* Update to the latest AJA SDK enables 4K (4×3 GSDI) output where previously restricted to the same resolution as the input ports.

* Fixed crash on AJA cards when no video signal is pushed from camera to the card. If no video is pushed, VahanaVR no longer crashes. Video capture pauses, and resumes when video signal comes in again.

* Audio configuration now available on supported AJA cards.

* Fixed corrupted files recorded when using AJA inputs specifically.


Magewell ingest related changes

* Updated to the latest Magewell SDKs.

* Improved labeling and fixed reported bugs related to the use of multiple Magewell Quad Pro cards on the same machine.

* Support for Magewell USB3.1 4K60fps HDMI capture and loop through dongles.


Decklink IO related changes

* Updated to the latest Decklink SDK 10.9

* Support for the Decklink mini recorder 4K

* Fixed bugs related to Decklink audio support


RTSP ingest support

* RTSP inputs are now supported. Several bugs related to the stability of the streams have been solved and this feature is reputed stable. If you are using RTSP inputs or looking forward to it, we’d love to hear about you.


RTMP output

* Improved encoding settings, resulting in improved image quality, with the current default encoder.

* Proper notification for timeout handling and RTMP authentication failure

* Fixes a small memory leak when RTMP is closed & reopened.



* Bugs related to recording have been fixed, causing instabilities or corrupted video files :

* Audio and video getting out sync. Missing or corrupted audio tracks.

* Fixed bugs specific to different capture cards makers.


Known issues

* Delay between orientation adjustment & update in the UI on some platforms. The issue is under investigation and seems related to the use of auto-exposure.

* Interlaced video modes are not de-interlaced by Blackmagic Decklink cards. They work correctly, but may exhibit combing artifacts. Deinterlacing is not provided by the Decklink cards and SDK.

* Projects created with older versions of Vahana VR for Magewell cards may not open correctly. We recommend that you create a new project and use the old one as a template.


Notes our new product improvement program

* Starting with Vahana VR v1.2, we added optional and anonymous product usage statistics to Vahana VR. We are also keen to discuss with you directly through our support platform to better understand how you use the SW and what features you would like to get in the software.


Download VahanaVR v1.2

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