VideoStitch beta v0.9.1 release

Thursday, May 16, 2013

We’ve just launched VideoStitch beta last week. And you’ve been very helpful already to make this tool better. Thank you all of you who sends us footage, remarks, features request and improvement ideas.

We’re very happy to announce the availability of a new beta update : v0.9.1 .

It fixes the main common issue you’ve been reporting so far, mainly related to framerate and GPU memory. To update to the new version, you just have to download the new version, it will automatically uninstall the old one.

We’ve also added an exciting feature, the masking capability, which will be useful to hide your nadir, if you’re using a based GoPro rig.

A tutorial will come soon about this feature. If you’re wondering why this is useful for 360 videos, you can see the difference by looking these two videos :

This is the first one, without mask. Look at Ignacio, the man which is holding the monopod.

During the video, you see that the blending on him is not very good, sometime, his face is cut.
Now have a look to this video :

Blending on him is perfect, and you no longer see the monopod ! It’s like magic !


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