VideoStitch Studio v2 beta released !

Thursday, August 21, 2014

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After a some early release on our forum, VideoStitch Studio v2.0 is finally released to public as a beta version. It is available on our download page as VideoStitch Studio v2.
This major update brings new exciting features, opening whole new horizons for 360 and panoramic video productions. Here’s an overview of the major new feature, read on :


Two new synchronization algorithms: motionflash

With these 2 new options VideoStich Studio now provides the most complete solution to solve synchronization of multiple cameras to produce panoramic videos.


With the “Flash” option, VideoStitch Studio tries to detect “flashes” (bright, white frames) in all source videos, using these to synchronize all sources. This is by far the most reliable solution as the flash can be seen directly in the video source and output, ensuring the best result each time.

The “Motion” option works by detecting motion in each source video, then attempting to synchronize the videos by matching the amount of motion in each video. Synchronization based on source video audio spectrum analysis is still available, and manual fine tuning of synchronization values with instant live preview can be used to fine tune any of the above algorithms results !


Built in calibration tool

The new calibration tool is incredibly efficient and powerfull. In most cases, it makes successful stitching easy as pie : just press one of the “calibrate” button.


VideoStitch Studio then analyzes the videos and automatically creates and applies the stitching template to your project. You even have the option to use multiple frames at once. Adding a built in calibration tool greatly simplifies the workflow, and will allow us to provide some unique features in future updates. Of course, advanced users can keep working with PTGui and Hugin to import external Panorama Tools compatible stitching templates.


Circular fisheye output


“Circular Fisheye” is now available as an output projection. This enables convenient and lightning fast rendering or remapping to the standard fulldome projection.


10bit internal processing


Our internal stitching engine has been upgraded to full 10bit processing, for improved image quality and professional video workflows.


Automatic stabilization


Stabilization leverages motion detection to compensate automatically for vibration and shaking that occurs when recording 360 video in a mobile setup, such as when using a handheld pole or mounting on cars or drones. The amount of stabilization can be controled via a decay control slider, and the resulting adjustment is visible in the Extended timeline.


Dynamic orientation management


You can now edit orientation of your panoramic videos directly by interacting with the output panorama in a natural fashion click on the output, drag, ‘orientation’ keyframe is created automatically in the Extended timeline. Check out this video to see it in action.


While VideoStitch 1.2.2 is still supported and available for download, all new purchase now automatically provide a license for VideoStitch Studio v2. Customers who purchased VideoStitch since June 1st 2014 have received an email with instructions for a free upgrade.

So wait no longer … head to our download page and try out the latest VideoStitch Studio release !


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