VideoStitch was at the ICCI360

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The faculty of Plymouth, in England, is working on the field of 360 videos for many years now.


Quoting from their website : ICCI (Innovation for the Creative and Cultural Industries) and Plymouth University have developed extensive knowledge and experience of 360 degree production and immersive exhibition environments, culminating in the spectacular ICCI 360 Arena events as part of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games Cultural Olympiad. Over 26,000 visitors were enthralled by the amazing mix of creative and cultural events created for our programme including 360 film screening, interactive gaming, performance and community events.

I was in Plymouth back from 2010 in the Panotools meeting. I already had the pleasure to experiment with their fulldome installation with the Renault footage I was working on.

This year, ICCI made a new kind of conference for the people working with the 360 video media. It’s more artistic oriented than the IVRPA for instance. It was really nice to see people thinking about the media, and not just trying to fix technical issues. It change from our day to day job :-)

They make an installation with a panoramic structure, with 5 Full HD video projectors. We projected some video stitched with VideoStitch Studio, and the result was very nice. The space is really seen differently from what we have with a player like krpano. As a spectator, we are much more sensitive to the movement of the camera for example. What could be acceptable with a player, on the web or with an iPad, is not when it’s projected on a large screen. It was a really nice experience to understand how we could improve the image quality

Here are some 360 pictures of the vent and the cylindrical installation.


The room was designed by Martin Wooler, the director of the ICCI360.



It’s made with piece of woods. It be transport with one truck, so it’s easy to transport and install everywhere.


interior of the dome

The diameter of the room is 8 meters. People go inside with the door we can see on the right. The video is projected at the toward the people attending, not above like many other panoramic room.


The rig of 5 projectors.


Some technical insight :

  • the video server used was done with Datadon Watchout.
  • One computer is used for generating the content with the Watchout editor, and 2 for the projection, with high end graphics card.
  • Image size projected was about 8000×1080

The university of Plymouth has produced hundred of panoramic videos. It interesting to see the difficulties they still have to produce the panoramic videos. They start with a Ladybug 2, and then upgrade to the Ladybug 3, but the setup is still complicated to use. They are looking forward to use GoPro and VideoStitch Studio for the next creation they are doing, because the system is more portable, it doesn’t need a computer to work.


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