Wintergames live in VR with Eurosport and Orah 4i

Monday, February 6, 2017

Orah 4i delivers 360 live stream of Air + Style Festival and Alpine World Ski Championships 2017

Sports events are without any doubt one of the best used cases for live VR to date. Watching sports in 360 puts the spectator right at the center of the event, offering a much more intense experience than just sitting in front of the TV. This week, Eurosport shows how to transform watching winter sports into a breathtaking experience by offering a 360 live stream with Orah 4i.

Orah 4i live vr camera at Air + Style Festival

During the weekend, Februay 3rd and 4th, the Air + Style Festival took place in Innsbruck, Austria. It’s been a winter highlight for over two decades which transforms Innsbruck every year into an international snowboarding mecca. Visitors enjoy world class snowboarding, as well as fantastic live music for a whole weekend.

This year, people following from home could join for a great experience as well. For the qualification as well as the finals of the Air + Style, Eurosport installed an Orah 4i right in the middle of the jump and streamed live to their VR app from there. The 360 live stream gave the audience at home the unique possibility to follow the snowboarders from the moment of their start at the top all the way to their landing on the bottom.

The Air + Style Festival was just the beginning for winter sports in 360 video, though. Today, the Alpine World Ski Championships start in St.Moritz, Switzerland. Eurosport and Orah 4i will live stream in VR from there during the coming days. You can follow the 360 live stream for free via the Eurosport VR app, which you can download here.


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