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logo the verge
«  This little camera rig could make live-streaming VR cheap and easy. The Orah 4i is simple to set up and streams in 4K. The overall package is still much simpler than just about anything else you could buy or rent at the moment. »
logo techcrunch
«  If a bar owner wants to promote a live stream of a karaoke night they can just drop an Orah in the middle of their space and anyone can hop on their computer and pan around or strap a Gear VR to their face and really get in on the action. »
logo engadget
« But there aren't too many options for those who want something in between, something that is higher quality than the handheld models but isn't quite as expensive as the pro ones. Additionally, none of these options livestream; they all require you to take out a memory card and do postproduction work to stitch it all together. The Orah 4i, however, aims to solve both issues. It's apparently the first-ever prosumer-level 360-degree cam to also support live video. »
« Meet Orah, the 360-Degree 4K Live Streaming Camera that Could Help Start A Content Revolution.Bringing live 360 content creation down to the prosumer level could prove to be very important for virtual reality’s future adoption, the more content the better of course but the impact goes further.  »
logo road-to-vr
« I actually saw myself come walking over, sit down in the chair, and put on the headset… it was oddly surreal, like looking back in time from a different vantage point.Having it all together in this compact device surely beats dealing with a bunch of GoPros, and each of their cables and memory cards.  »
« Live streaming virtual reality might seem like an odd novelty until you try it for yourself. I viewed footage shot with the Orah 4i at a concert through a Samsung Gear VR headset, and it was like I was there at the show.  »

Frequently Asked Questions.

When will Orah 4i ship?

If your shipping address is in the US you can expect your Orah 4i very soon now. We have started delivering Orah 4i in November and expect to fill pre-orders within the US very quickly now. Many customers have already received their shipping notification and more and more will follow during the coming days and weeks as we ramp up production. As soon as your pre-ordered camera leaves the warehouse you will receive an email notification with your tracking number.

Delivery to countries outside the US will start as soon as we get legal clearance for your respective country. Most likely this will be from the beginning of 2017 onwards. Please understand that we cannot give exact dates for each country at this point but will keep you updated on the process regularly.

We know we are a few months behind schedule which is why we want to remind you that we’ve allowed cancellation of pre-orders with a full refund at any time till the product ships.

Does Orah 4i have a battery?

The current package doesn’t include a battery. However, you can still use a 19.5 V battery pack to power it. We intend to offer some pre-qualified battery packs that work well with our unit as an accessory

Why is Orah 4i split in 2 parts?

High-quality processing in cinematic 4K resolution requires A LOT of computing power. We decided to separate the acquisition part (the camera) from the processing part (the stitching box) to keep the camera as small as possible – this way you can place the camera at the heart of the action, while hiding the stitching box up to 330ft away (100 meters). Thus, it can be placed in the backstage area.

What platforms are compatible with Orah 4i?

Orah 4i generates an equirectangular video output, which is the format used by Facebook, Youtube, Vrideo, Littlstar, Bitmovin, and others. It broadcasts the video using RTMP, which is the  standard protocol used by Youtube, Wowza, Akamai, Bitmovin, Ustream, Livestream, etc.
In other words, Orah 4i is compatible with any platform that supports VR video, whether it is broadcasting live or recording videos for future playback.

Where can I find Orah 4i's technical specifications?

Please click here for Orah 4i’s detailed specifications.

Can I buy Orah 4i through authorized resellers in US?

Yes, you can purchase your Orah 4i  through our authorized resellers B&H and Adorama 

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