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Pre-order Terms and Conditions

December 20, 2016


Welcome to (“us“, “we“, “ours“). We invite you to pre-order (“Pre-Order“) our ORAH Camera (“ORAH Camera System“). As an amazing preorder campaign all manufacturing slots for pre-orders till now have been filled till beginning of January 2017, when placing an order now please expect your camera to ship no sooner than February 2017. When you place a Pre-Order for the ORAH Camera System you agree that at the point of submitting the Pre-Order, you and we will have formed a binding legal contract and are bound by these Pre-Order Terms and Conditions, our Terms of Service, available at, and our Privacy Policy, available at (collectively with all other operating rules, policies and procedures that we may publish on this website or in any of our applications, all of which are incorporated herein by reference, “Terms“). All Pre-Orders are subject to the Terms of Service terms regarding orders for Products; provided, however, that in the case of a conflict between these Pre-Order Terms and Conditions and the Terms of Service with respect to a Pre-Order, these Pre-Order Terms and Conditions will govern. Capitalized terms not defined herein have the meanings set forth in the Terms of Service.

You can place a Pre-Order through our website. Our website will include the details and quantities of the Products you have Pre-Ordered and the price of the Products (including any taxes and delivery costs). Prior to confirming your Pre-Order you will be given the opportunity to review your Pre-Order, which you will be able to amend before confirming.


Our General Terms of Service ( includes a class action waiver and a waiver of jury trials, and requires binding arbitration on an individual basis to resolve disputes. Our general Terms also limit the remedies that may be available to you in the event of a dispute, and limit the scope of our product warranties.


1           The Products

We are offering for Pre-Order our ORAH Camera System and we may also be offering add-on equipment and other products (collectively, “Products“) for Pre-Order. These Terms apply to any and all Pre-Orders for our Products on our website (, the “Site“).


2           Processing and Payment

Our payment terms are set forth in our Terms of Service.


3           Pricing

All Pre-Order prices are in United States Dollars, unless otherwise stated. Applicable taxes and fees and shipping costs will be applied to the final payment.

All tariff, import, customs, tax, and other charges applicable in your jurisdiction are the responsibility of the recipient (except sales tax in California state).


4           Ordering

In order to secure your Pre-Order in our ordering queue, you must create an account on our system, provide your payment and shipping information and make an immediate payment. The amount of the payment is set out on our product page where you initiate your order. After your immediate payment, Orah will send you a Pre-order confirmation by electronic way.

We reserve the right to reject or cancel your order for any reason. If we do so, we will refund your payment by the same payment method with which you used to make it and a notification email will be sent at the registered email address. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Orah’s Pre-order acceptance policy, or if you believe that your pre-order was rejected in error, please contact us through our support forms:


5           Referral Policy

While Pre-Orders are available on our website, if you refer other new customers using the referral link we provide to you, you will receive a cash rebate of up to $100 (a “Referral Bucks“) for each person who uses your referral link to pre-order one or more Orah Device(s). You can earn maximum aggregate Referral Bucks up to the total amount remaining on your purchase after the initial pre-order payment, less taxes and fees.

If you use a referral link from another customer to make your pre-order, you will receive a discount (“Referral Discount“) of up to $100 toward the amount remaining on your purchase after your initial pre-order payment, less taxes and fees. You will receive email notification for each of your Referral Bucks after a successful pre-order has been processed using your referral link. Please note that Referral Bucks are given for the purpose of attracting brand new customers to Orah.

You may earn only one Referral Buck per individual you refer who uses your referral link to pre-order Orah Device(s). The referred user must have signed up after clicking your referral link; if they clicked multiple referral links they must have clicked your link last. You will only receive referral credit for each referred user who makes a pre-order and does not cancel the order.

If for any reason we suspect a fraudulent use of a referral link, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to withhold any or all Referral Bucks/Discounts. The Referral Bucks get transferred to your account after your product is shipped to you. If you decide to send an email or otherwise contact other potential new customers to pre-order Orah Device(s) using the referral link that we provide to you, you are responsible for obtaining any consents that may be required by law before you send such communications


6           Product Delivery and Shipping

As an amazing Pre-Order campaign all manufacturing slots for Pre-Orders till now have been filled till beginning of January 2017, when placing an order now please expect your camera to ship no sooner than  February 2017. Approximately one month before we expect to ship your Pre-Order, you will receive an email from us at the email address you provided to us. This email will provide an estimated date of shipping of your Product and instructions for how you can change the shipping address at which you would like to receive your Product(s).

The expected shipping date provided in the email referred to above is only an estimate and is subject to change. We do not represent or warrant that we will be able to ship the Product by the estimated date. You hereby accept that currently we are not able to commit to a fixed shipping or delivery date and you will be notified of updates to the same in due course. In the event that a delay arises for any reason, foreseen or unforeseen, and the estimated shipment and/or release dates for the Product are not met, we will not be responsible for any damages that may occur due to the delay or cancellation of the Product, and we will not be obligated, except as set forth in these Terms, to provide any discounts, refunds or credits due to any such delays or cancellations.


You expressly acknowledge and understand that we make no representations or warranties that we will ship a Product.

In the event of any failure to deliver a product, refunds will be offered as described in section 7 and this shall be our only remedy for non-delivery.


7           Cancellation and refund policy

We believe in the quality of the Products we are developing and we are excited to offer them for Pre-Order.

Your Pre-Order is a sign that you share in our excitement for our Products and your support for what we are trying to achieve.

We have a no questions asked refund policy up until your Pre-order is processed and shipped. Once the Product is shipped, the pre-order is final, non-cancelable and non-refundable and our warranty applies as specified in the Orah’s applicable terms.

So if, for any reason, before your Pre-Order ships you decide that you wish to cancel your Pre-Order, you may do so by signing into your account on the Site and following the order cancellation instructions there. We will then process your refund in accordance with the rules of our payment processor.

If we cannot deliver the Products you Pre-Ordered, you will receive an email from us at your registered email address informing you that your Pre-Order has been cancelled and we will refund the total Pre-Order deposit payment you have made in accordance with the rules of our payment processor.

If we are aware that our refund payment has not gone through to your payment method, we will notify you as soon as is reasonably practicable and will inform you of how you can contact us to arrange for an alternative method to receive a refund payment.