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Live stitch and stream immersive 360 video experiences with Vahana VR!

Vahana VR is the market’s leading 360 video stitching and live streaming software. Since 2015, we have been developing our expertise in Live VR technologies to bring you a world class professional tool. With Vahana VR, capture multiple video streams, stitch them instantly into a single 360 × 180 degree video file, preview the result in real-time and finally stream it to any 360 video player or compatible platform.


Professional video pipeline

Highly flexible, our live stitching software supports any HDMI or SDI camera using a wide range of Blackmagic Decklink, Magewell or Aja acquisition cards. Concerning SDI outputs, Vahana VR is compatible with major encoders such as Elemental and Harmonic. Vahana VR is the Live VR tool that will easily integrate into your professional workflow.

Live preview for directors

With Vahana VR, movie directors can live preview and direct their shooting on the set in real-time. Several output preview formats are available, including equirectangular to check the full video panorama on a flat screen as well as interactive mode to have the first person view or directly in an integrated VR headset.

No compromise on quality

We believe that high resolutions are key to a truly immersive live 360 experience. Vahana VR can capture individual 4K inputs. After stitching and rendering in real-time, it outputs up to 4K 360 video at 60fps.

Stream to any 360 degree compatible video platform and HMDs

Vahana VR 360×180 full spherical video output is compatible with all major 360 video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Youku, as well as custom-made 360 video and VR players (cardboard, GearVR…). It also features Oculus Rift and HTC Vive built-in support for an immediate preview.

Built-in RTMP broadcasting

On top of the SDI output option, RTMP broadcasting allows you to stream videos directly to your media server of choice. The media server, typically a CDN solution, then takes care of distributing the 360 videos optimized for the various viewing platforms.


License options

Monthly license

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Yearly license

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Super Bundle

Vahana VR 1 year + VideoStitch Studio

US$ 2,395

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We are constantly improving Vahana VR to ensure you have the best experience when creating your live VR content. Check regularly for new updates and make sure to always install the newest version. Please note that you may need your license key to activate the new version. If you have a dongle, your license is detected automatically.


Any questions regarding Vahana VR? Visit our Help Center to find the answers to your questions, consult the community articles or submit a request to our support team.

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